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Purification: Oxylight produces one of the most powerful ingredients for purification - ozone. Ozone is used in a number of applications for the elimination of bacteria: water purification, air cleaning, even for the sterilization of surgical instruments. Well, it does the same on your skin, and clean skin is healthy skin. The Oxylight will provide a level of purification you have never before experienced.

Massage: Normal massage, while good for your muscles, is not good for your skin. It stretches your skin to cause permanent elongation of the delicate tissue. Oxylight, on the other hand, massages by patting the skin. This patting action allows for a massage, without stretching. The massage has 2 beneficial properties: It increases circulation and it improves lotion penetration.

Increased Circulation:There are only two ways to feed nutrients to your skin: from the inside or from the outside. Oxylight helps with both. From the inside, the stimulating massage action encourages blood to flow to the surface of your skin to provide much needed nutrients to all of the dermal layers. You will see this almost immediately as your skin begins to take on a new glow.

Improved Penetration: Your skin is fed from the outside using moisturizers and skin care lotions. The massaging action of the Oxylight will improve penetration of these products to more effectively feed your complexion, forcing your skin care products down into the many layers. Some of these layers have never been fed before and now, with Oxylight, you will begin to see improved life in your complexion.

Increased Drainage: There are two major drainage systems in your face: sinus and lymphatic. The gentle massaging action of the Oxylight will help promote drainage of these systems to reduce the puffiness that often accompanies aging skin. Follow the exercise program provided to achieve maximum benefits from your Oxylight.

The compact easy-to-use Oxylight is perfect for both salon and home use to maintain your skin. It also can be used for the following:

  1. At the beginning of the facial
    Cleanse, perform extractions if necessary then use the Oxylight prior to applying toners etc.

  2. At the end of facial
    The stimulating massage produced by the Oxylight allows the moisturizer to sink into greater depths. This helps tighten, tone and firm the skin to reduce the signs of aging.

  3. In the declotte area
    Use the Oxylight with your day or night moisturizer. This helps reduce the appearance of aging skin in an area that typically receives little home care. This treatment can be done once a week.

  4. After waxing
    Typically the skin is irritated, red and sore after waxing. By using the Oxylight (with or without a calming solution) after the procedure, the skin is calmer and it minimizes any adverse reactions.

  5. After shaving
    The Oxylight is excellent for using on razor burns.

  6. After Microdermabrasion
    Use the Oxylight with a moisturizer at the end of the procedure. It helps calm irritated skin and reduces redness.

  7. Scalp treatment
    Make sure the scalp is clean and dry. Sweep the Oxylight in areas to be treated without any product. If you are using a hair regrowth product, apply it about 5 minutes after the scalp treatment.

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